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PopiHair: Does it really work?

When you’ve got great hair, you’ve got great confidence, but so many women suffer from hair loss or lack of growth so we’re here to change that.

As women, we often feel great discomfort and insecurity when it comes to hair loss, split ends, or anything going wrong with the crown of hair on our heads.

So, when we discovered the secrets of the yao women in China and how they are able to grow their hair using plain old rice, we had to get our hands on this recipe!

Not only for those of us struggling with hair loss, but the women that are just dying to have their long locks grow past their butt, or their knees, or even hit the floor.

Simply put, we love long hair!

And we’re determined to bring a legitimate tool to the market so that everyone can experience the joy of hair that grows out of control.

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